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Lawn Treatment Programs

Sign Up for Our Comprehensive Treatment Program

Keep your lawn in check with a comprehensive treatment program throughout the year from Oasis Lawn and Landscape. Through six applications, your lawn will look its best no matter the temperature. Your lawn will be treated to premium fertilizers and the best weed control products available on the market.


Your lawn will look green and thick no matter the season. This package is recommended for busy families, professional businesses, and anyone who's interested in enjoying the perks of a fresh landscape.

Service around the year:

  • Early Spring: Fertilizer and 1 of 2 part pre-emergent weed control

  • Late Spring: Fertilizer and second part of pre-emergent weed control, as well as spray for any weeds that have come up

  • Summer: Slow release fertilizer and spot spray for weeds

  • Grub control: Yearlong protection against grubs

  • Fall Fertilizer: Fertilizer and spot spray for weeds

  • Winterizer: Slow release fertilizer to feed your lawn

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